Paediatric Wards

Located on Level 2 of the main hospital building, the wards are divided into single and 2-bedded rooms. The wards were designed to make every child as comfortable as possible in a friendly environment. It is colourful and playful, resembling a room at home, so that the sick child feels fresh and lively. The ward also has a playroom and an outside play area.

Parents have unrestricted access to their children while their child is in the Children’s Ward. However, due to space we can encourage only one parent to stay overnight.

Single Room

 Paediatric Single

The single room provides a secure, relaxed and a cosy environment so that the child can feel safe leaving their home to stay in the hospital. There is child-scaled furniture in the room, sufficient storage areas for children’s belongings. Familiar whimsical Disney cartoon characters adorn the walls.

The younger patients are encouraged to wear their own clothes and to decorate their rooms with cherished stuffed animals, posters and personal possessions.

In addition to being child friendly, the ward also caters to parents with a built-in comfortable sleeping arrangement. Families have open access visiting all day until 8:00pm.

The single room has an attached toilet, a writing desk and a sofa for one of the parents who may like to stay overnight to accompany the child. A companion fee with meals included will be charged if both parents wish to accompany the child.

Multi Bedded Room

Paediatric Double
The rooms have brighter paint jobs, clear lighting and allows the cost-effective sharing of the room and amenities without reducing the personal space for the child and parent to enjoy privacy and rest. Parents have the option to stay overnight if their children are under the age of 12 and are using the 2-bedded rooms by using the recliner by the bedside.

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